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B2B Telco System Migration

The primary focus of the project was to ensure the accurate migration of all critical data elements, recreating a seamless customer engagement in the target environment with minimal disruption.

The role in this project encompassed a comprehensive scope, involving strategic planning, requirement gathering, solution development and testing, and delivering status presentations to program management. A key aspect of the role was the utilization of customized SQL development for analyzing the migration population.

The success of the project was attributed to several key factors:
- Early and Detailed Focus on Source Platform/Systems: Conducting a thorough analysis of the source platform/systems early in the project lifecycle to identify and address challenges proactively.
- Early Development of Migration Solution: Initiating the development of the migration solution at an early stage to streamline the overall process.
- Frequent Testing of Migration Process: Regular testing of the migration process to identify and rectify any issues promptly.
- Frequent Testing and Verification of Existing Functionality: Ensuring frequent testing and verification of existing functionality on the migrated population to maintain operational continuity.
- Continuous Dialogue with Stakeholders: Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with program management, business stakeholders, and development streams to ensure alignment with evolving project requirements.

The project leveraged a set of tools to facilitate its success:
- Snowflake
- Python
- Jira
- MirO

The project tasks were executed following the SAFe framework and included:
• Reviewing and Prioritization of Migration Backlog
• Reporting to Stakeholders
• Data Extraction, Analysis, and Validation
This structured approach, coupled with the use of specific tools and adherence to the SAFe framework, resulted in a successful B2B Telco System Migration, achieving the seamless recreation of customer engagement in the target environment with minimal impact.

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