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inventYOU can offer a wide variety of nearshoring professional IT services in various technology stacks from Athens, Greece. This enables inventYOU to provide customers a large pool of highly educated, skilled and experienced IT-professionals at very competitive prices.


Working in the same time zone, with Swedish speaking account management allows for a solid and transparent delivery. This collaboration also provides limited travel if the customer and project require an on-site presence. 



Large & well-educated pool of professionals (more than 45% with postgraduate studies MSc, PhD in relevant sectors)

Excellent English – both verbal and written skills​

Cultural fit – equal time zone with Middle Europe (+1h) – proximity (onsite presence in one day notice & onsite support in BE, LU, FR)

Low staff turnover ( <6% )

Low cost, compared to Middle and North Europe - similar mentality

Knowledge and business continuity - well documented replacement


Effective team composition (30% senior | 50% med | 20% junior) focusing on high



Greece is an EU member state bound by EU Intellectual Property Laws


Delivery structure ensuring proximity ​

  • Technical Account Management (SPOC) in Client’s premises (onsite or proximity in Sweden)​

  • Facilitator located at premises in Athens, Greece (proximity)​

  • Remote development team located in Athens (2 days notice for onsite presence)​

Core and extended teams ​

  • Classification of the team members in core (full time or almost full time) and extended (partially to cover effort peaks)​

  • KPIs applied to ensure stability of the core team ​

  • Extended team mode ensures no services interruption in case of replacements 


Partner oriented delivery approach – long term relationship​

Technical coordination from a Senior member of the Greek team ensuring efficient technical
coordination ​

Knowledge management supported by relevant toolset​

Team composition focusing on the quality of services (30% Senior, 50% Med, 20% Junior) – European mentality – Excellent English – Strong educational background (>80% MSc in IT)​

Ability to travel to Sweden for short periods, if necessary for the project​

Maximum staffing time 1 month - strict internal screening process – interview by the client – flexible replacement procedure (if required)​

Competitive pricing providing best value for money services


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