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iU welcomes Stefanos to our team!


Mar 23, 2022

iU welcomes Stefanos to our team.

Stefanos is an avid Data/Cloud/ML engineer, with an MSc in Computational Science(ongoing) from Uppsala University and a BSc in Information Communication Technology from University of Piraeus. Currently conducting his thesis project at Elastisys on automating text-based log review with NLP and Deep Learning in order to detect anomalies and security issues.

He is experienced in Cloud Development, Requirements Analysis, System Design, Planning, Software Parallelization, Software Testing, Scalability studies. With experience on state-of-the-art technologies like, ML, Containers, Kubernetes, Playbooks, Contextualization and Orchestration tools, Stefanos, is the right person to architect, consult, and assist you on the path from monolith to cloud while also you can expect him to have very solid knowledge and understanding on the art of Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Stefanos has started his assignment at Telenor Sweden as a Cloud Engineer assisting our customer on their digital transformation journey.

Once again Stefanos, welcome to our team and we are excited to have you in our company!

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